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Memories of Colonization Weekend

Tonight I regenerated my Diaryland diary so I could move all the entries over here. For everyone's reading pleasure, here is the long-lost entry documenting colonization weekend! Enjoy!

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There was really supposed to be an entry for Thursday, but just as I finished it, Diaryland crashed...and then I could not get the entry back at all. ARGH! How annoying!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest...wow, what a weekend I had. : ) As I've said before, it was Little 500 weekend...didn't make it to any of the races (except Thursday's Mini 500) but still had a blast. Laura, Jason, Tim, Steve and Leah all came in for it. Friday night was pretty low-key. After we picked up Steve at the Indianapolis airport, we spent the rest of the evening at my place. We ordered Rockit's pizza, watched Iron Chef, and chatted until the wee hours.

Saturday we got a fairly late start on the day...went to Grisanti's for lunch and had a little belated birthday celebration for Tim. (We had planned one for the weekend in February after his birthday, but he was unable to come up that weekend so we did it this weekend.) He was...well, surprised would be an understatement. He turned as red as the shirt he was wearing when the waiter came to the table with a birthday sundae for him. : )

After lunch, we proceeded to T.I.S. to purchase materials for our Lambda Omega Pi paddles. We spent quite a bit of time in there finding just the right combination of Greek letters and symbols and other stuff, then returned to my place to actually make the paddles. They actually turned out really well. I'll get pictures up on the LOPi page as soon as I get the film developed. After those were done, we went outside, took a bunch of pictures and just stood around in the parking lot playing the South Park movie soundtrack and singing along. *heh* We left for Sports shortly after 9. The original plan was to all go over in Tim's car, and then he'd go straight back to his hotel after the show and we'd take the drunk bus back. However, we did not all fit in his car so I ended up driving as well. (That's one of the drawbacks of being one of only two people in the group who knew where things were. ; )) Sports has changed since I was last here! It used to consist of just two rooms and a back area with volleyball courts and things. Now that back area is another bar area and they've opened up a large room and patio upstairs. (Rich Hardesty played upstairs and another band played downstairs) They now serve food, and they never used to except during happy hour. The place was unbelievably packed...we're talking wall-to-wall people! It made me wonder how everyone fit when it was just the two rooms. : ) Rich Hardesty put on an excellent show. He looked a lot younger than I thought, which surprised me. Not that I thought that he'd be ancient or anything like that, but he'd already been around awhile when I was here the first time...he looked fairly close to my age. After the show, we watched South Park at my place (since we'd been singing the songs for half the evening) and then crashed.

Today we just went to Bob Evans for brunch, then hung around my place for a little while and now everyone's gone. Tonight's agenda includes cleaning my apartment somewhat (at least the science projects are out of the fridge!) and getting the work I never had a chance to do done. Ohyeah, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour for once. : )
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